Security Breaches by Employees are on the Rise

Protecting company data from the hands of data snoopers out there on the internet is the agenda of all business owners. Most businesses, big or small, hold frequent meetings to address this issue, where employees of different levels are involved in a discussion about and review their data protection techniques and where they stand. A lot of focus has been put on this topic through news articles and blog posts on the internet due to many high profile data breaches taking place.

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Is Adobe Flash still a vulnerability?

Adobe Flash has been popular since it was first released 20 years ago. The freeware software was used for a multitude of purposes, including playing games or streaming audio or video files on the internet. This has been the case for almost two decades now, with flash player being used to execute rich internet applications and viewing multimedia on the Adobe Flash platform.

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5 Quick Steps to Take to Evaluate Your Security

Cyber security is something all businesses pay great attention to. This is well understood, for the past year it saw around 781 data breaches that compromised close to 170 million private records, according to Identity Theft Resource Centre. This staggering statistic goes to show that no one is safe in today’s world from data breaches and other security threats as well.

Awareness about security threats has been spread through many blog pieces and news articles, and business owners have not failed to notice them either. But what matters is not being informed about something but being prepared for it. Therefore, we provide you 5 simple steps you can take to evaluate your security and try to protect yourself from the many security risks in today’s world.

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How Safe is VMware?

Do you remember back in College when you felt invincible logging into the computer lab and booting up your personal virtual machine? You almost felt invisible to the world. Your instructors told you that this is the proper way to play around the internet, also how to test and break things. Being able to download, surf the web and run malicious labs without affecting anything on you’re the actual computer was the coolest thing since the invention of the computer itself. Well according to a recent article published by the virtual machine giant VMware, this security may not be the same as it used to be.

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Have You Heard About the Rash of Unpacker Errors Within Sandboxes?

Have you ever built a sandbox environment or someone at your company has built one and it is time to download and unpack the updates for some of the different systems within the sandbox. All of a sudden you get an unpacker failed error come across the screen. The solution is quite simple but what most people struggle to understand is that there are two type of Unpacker errors to solve for. Unless you are the exact person who created the sandbox, you may not even know the difference yet. The two different types of unpackers are a single user remote repository and a multiple user remote repository.

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Is Your Wifi Open to the World?

Wireless networks have made browsing the internet much more simple and efficient than used to be the case. Although broadband connections were a major upgrade over the slow and pestering dial-up connections that made using the internet more of a punishment than getting the job done, they still had the problem of providing multiple-connectivity. The problem with wired networks is that only one user can use it at a time.

Although one might say that that one device could be used to create a hotspot and other devices could connect to a single wired network in principle, the fact still remains that hotspots are a form of wireless networks too. Anyhow, it is known to all that Wi-Fi networks allow the capability to have multiple connections and enable people to browse the internet and get a lot done. However, it is important that you have a Wi-Fi network that is not open to all people. Before going into why it is so, we first take a look at how to tell if your Wi-Fi is open.

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Revolutionizing Enterprise Security with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a major buzzword afloat in the field of business and technology. The internet has been the most phenomenal to have happened in these fields. It has helped the enterprises in connecting multiple devices to a platform and getting the desired results using syncing of such devices. Now, enterprises are trying to take it further. They wish to connect common household items to the internet! Such a step creates chills every time it is heard by the masses, but it stands true.

However, every technological innovation comes with its own downsides. The Internet of Things is sure to make things complex with everything connected to the internet. It is expected that about 20 billion things connected to the internet by 2020. It poses a serious question as to the security of these things connected online. If you’re an enterprise and worried about the security of the IoT, then you’re at the right place. This article will guide you in enhancing your security to deal with the upcoming threats. Let’s proceed:

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Sandboxes; Beware of False Positives!

Sandboxing can be a valuable resource to any security team that puts the time and resources into it. If not, returning a bunch of false positives could just be a waste of your company’s resources. Below are some common steps that should be taken to ensure your sandbox is working properly for your company.

Identify all the applications in your business

Knowing your applications and what could be a possible vulnerability is great way to lure in the malicious threats. By implementing outdate code, programs and software that might coincide with your app, you are creating that easy attack vector hackers are looking for to infiltrate your systems. Really what you want to do here is set them up for failure. By not implementing security best practices on your sandbox applications, the attacker will feel like a kid in a candy store once they gain access to the sandbox.

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Email Scams and Awareness

Emails are the fastest means of communication! This is what we studied in our childhood. And how true! It indeed is. Today, no one can imagine living without an email ID. No work can be completed without the use of emails. Whether it be a job application, or inviting your friends to a party.

This culture of emails has opened up a lot of loopholes which can be exploited by the online scammers to gain monetary or other profits. Scammers these days have been employing new tools and methods to ruin common netizens’ experience of the web. Thus, in this article, we shall be enlisting some common email scams to make you aware of them and the methods to stay protected.

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How IT Managers can Keep Support Calls Down

Getting a lot of support calls daily can be a time consumer and eventually turn into a money wasting giant. More times than not, you will end up answering the same questions over and over again. In the long run you will be paying someone to answer the same questions when in fact you could be paying that person to innovate to better the company.

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