Security Breaches by Employees are on the Rise

Protecting company data from the hands of data snoopers out there on the internet is the agenda of all business owners. Most businesses, big or small, hold frequent meetings to address this issue, where employees of different levels are involved in a discussion about and review their data protection techniques and where they stand. A lot of focus has been put on this topic through news articles and blog posts on the internet due to many high profile data breaches taking place.

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Is Adobe Flash still a vulnerability?

Adobe Flash has been popular since it was first released 20 years ago. The freeware software was used for a multitude of purposes, including playing games or streaming audio or video files on the internet. This has been the case for almost two decades now, with flash player being used to execute rich internet applications and viewing multimedia on the Adobe Flash platform.

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Why Financial Cyber Security is Necessary for All Companies

Technological advancement has resulted in the storage of data and other financial information in the cloud service. Though these services enhance the operation and management of businesses, cybercrime threatens many companies regardless of their size. To avert huge losses, financial cyber security is essential for all businesses. Thus, there is a need for complex security strategies and practices to prevent cyber criminals from accessing financial information stored mostly in the cloud services.

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5 Quick Steps to Take to Evaluate Your Security

Cyber security is something all businesses pay great attention to. This is well understood, for the past year it saw around 781 data breaches that compromised close to 170 million private records, according to Identity Theft Resource Centre. This staggering statistic goes to show that no one is safe in today’s world from data breaches and other security threats as well.

Awareness about security threats has been spread through many blog pieces and news articles, and business owners have not failed to notice them either. But what matters is not being informed about something but being prepared for it. Therefore, we provide you 5 simple steps you can take to evaluate your security and try to protect yourself from the many security risks in today’s world.

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Should You Use an App for That?

In the fast growing “internet of things” technology world we live in, apps are popping up left and right to help make life easier. There are apps for everything you could think of, restaurant searching, booking a taxi and even some meaningless for your entertainment. With the temptation right in front of you, claiming that it will completely solve your current issue whether it be boredom or hunger, you simply shouldn’t trust every app that is out there.

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The Cybersecurity Labor Gap; Not Enough Trained People is a Big Issue!

The world of technology is growing rapidly every day and so are the security vulnerabilities around these technologies. With so much of the business world reliant on technology, we need to ensure that there are enough trained professionals to properly manage and protect all the information made available through it. As it currently stands there are not enough IT security professionals that are properly trained to deal with such things as a cyber-attack, data leak and even an internal security audit. ISACA provided a survey in January that stated 86 percent of global organization leadership believes there are not enough skilled expects in the field to hire.[1]

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Lack of Visibility = Lack of Protection

Visibility is everything as a security professional. You have to know what you are protecting before you can protect it. Going on a hunch and implementing security piece by piece as the issues arise is a sure way to find yourself in a bad situation. You could be working on something that you feel is high priority, without knowing that there are other pressing issues to handle. The following steps should be taken as soon as possible to ensure that you can cover the most ground as a security team.

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Sandboxes; Beware of False Positives!

Sandboxing can be a valuable resource to any security team that puts the time and resources into it. If not, returning a bunch of false positives could just be a waste of your company’s resources. Below are some common steps that should be taken to ensure your sandbox is working properly for your company.

Identify all the applications in your business

Knowing your applications and what could be a possible vulnerability is great way to lure in the malicious threats. By implementing outdate code, programs and software that might coincide with your app, you are creating that easy attack vector hackers are looking for to infiltrate your systems. Really what you want to do here is set them up for failure. By not implementing security best practices on your sandbox applications, the attacker will feel like a kid in a candy store once they gain access to the sandbox.

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What Should You be Teaching Your New Hires About Data Security?

Implementing a strategic plan for teaching new hires about data security is an important part of your company’s onboarding process. The weakest security link in any company are the people working there and you need to make sure those people know this. The best way to get this point across is presenting the following topics with a sense of urgency and fear. No one wants to be the person responsible for a data breach.

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Top Five Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

Whether you’re a business or an average user, cyber security is always a matter of concern for you. Even big corporations and governmental agencies are not immune to such vulnerabilities. Cyber-crimes can have a far more devastating impact on any organization or person than a conventional attack since you’re not even aware of the location of the attacker or even the files and info that such attackers have gained access to.

The ramifications of such attacks are enormous, as the entire economy of a country may be put to risk if attackers target governmental agencies like banks or other financial institutions.

Thus, it is important to know about the vulnerabilities prevailing in cyber-world so that you could take preventive measure to avert such an attack. So, keep reading to find out five cyber-security vulnerabilities present in the contemporary online world.

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