Why Financial Cyber Security is Necessary for All Companies

Technological advancement has resulted in the storage of data and other financial information in the cloud service. Though these services enhance the operation and management of businesses, cybercrime threatens many companies regardless of their size. To avert huge losses, financial cyber security is essential for all businesses. Thus, there is a need for complex security strategies and practices to prevent cyber criminals from accessing financial information stored mostly in the cloud services.

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Using Sandboxes? Beware of False Positives

Sandboxing can be a valuable resource to any security team that puts the time and resources into it. If not, returning a bunch of false positives could just be a waste of your company’s resources. Below are some common steps that should be taken to ensure your sandbox is working properly for your company.

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Finance and Cyber Security: What You Need to Know

There has been an increased threat of cyber-attacks, and cybersecurity experts expect these trend to continue in the future. The financial system is a vital component of any country, and this remains a prime target. It can be a costly affair when any financial cyber security is compromised and can utterly compromise the confidence people have in the financial service. It is, therefore, important to maintain the financial cyber security of any institution and to do these there are four most important principles that need to be upheld.

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5 Quick Steps to Take to Evaluate Your Security

Cyber security is something all businesses pay great attention to. This is well understood, for the past year it saw around 781 data breaches that compromised close to 170 million private records, according to Identity Theft Resource Centre. This staggering statistic goes to show that no one is safe in today’s world from data breaches and other security threats as well.

Awareness about security threats has been spread through many blog pieces and news articles, and business owners have not failed to notice them either. But what matters is not being informed about something but being prepared for it. Therefore, we provide you 5 simple steps you can take to evaluate your security and try to protect yourself from the many security risks in today’s world.

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How HIPAA Compliance Affects Your Company

HIPAA compliance rules require that providers protect information that they keep or send out electronically. If the transmission of information is under contract to others, the same rules apply to them. Others handling information are “covered entities” and this includes health care providers, health plans, health care clearinghouses and business associates. A covered entity could be a doctor, clinic staff, psychologist, dentist, chiropractor, nursing home staff or a pharmacy. If any of these entities transmit healthcare information electronically, they must abide by HIPAA Compliance Rules. Beyond that, a business associate who contracts to send or receive information must have a business associate contract that spells out the HIPAA Compliance Rules that apply to them.

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Transient Security; How do you Secure Guests and Deal with Network Separation

Having your network locked down to a need to know bases creates a good feeling for security professionals, but one day someone in your company hosts a meeting with an outside vendor. This outside vendor needs access to the internet during the meeting. An instant feeling of panic rushes over you because you didn’t plan for this situation. How do you provide internet service for guests at your company, without compromising your networks treasures? The following are several different options to look into before making a decision. Some of these will apply to smaller companies, but it is better to hear all the options before going forward.

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How Safe is VMware?

Do you remember back in College when you felt invincible logging into the computer lab and booting up your personal virtual machine? You almost felt invisible to the world. Your instructors told you that this is the proper way to play around the internet, also how to test and break things. Being able to download, surf the web and run malicious labs without affecting anything on you’re the actual computer was the coolest thing since the invention of the computer itself. Well according to a recent article published by the virtual machine giant VMware, this security may not be the same as it used to be.

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Have You Heard About the Rash of Unpacker Errors Within Sandboxes?

Have you ever built a sandbox environment or someone at your company has built one and it is time to download and unpack the updates for some of the different systems within the sandbox. All of a sudden you get an unpacker failed error come across the screen. The solution is quite simple but what most people struggle to understand is that there are two type of Unpacker errors to solve for. Unless you are the exact person who created the sandbox, you may not even know the difference yet. The two different types of unpackers are a single user remote repository and a multiple user remote repository.

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Cyber Security: Myth vs. Reality

The phrase “cyber security” has a catchy ring to it and instantly evokes feelings of relief and safety for business managers who haven’t taken the time to research what it actually means. Small businesses with tight budgets are at the most risk of taking low cost security strategies for granted. Here are reasons for all business professionals to raise their awareness about this fragile topic.

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Is Your Wifi Open to the World?

Wireless networks have made browsing the internet much more simple and efficient than used to be the case. Although broadband connections were a major upgrade over the slow and pestering dial-up connections that made using the internet more of a punishment than getting the job done, they still had the problem of providing multiple-connectivity. The problem with wired networks is that only one user can use it at a time.

Although one might say that that one device could be used to create a hotspot and other devices could connect to a single wired network in principle, the fact still remains that hotspots are a form of wireless networks too. Anyhow, it is known to all that Wi-Fi networks allow the capability to have multiple connections and enable people to browse the internet and get a lot done. However, it is important that you have a Wi-Fi network that is not open to all people. Before going into why it is so, we first take a look at how to tell if your Wi-Fi is open.

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