Is BYOD Infecting Your Company?

Many organizations have implemented a Bring Your Own Device policy within their companies. With so many people using mobile devices to access email, company documents, websites, and business applications, it makes sense to allow users to leverage these devices to be more productive. But is this safe?

The key to having a successful BYOD policy without infecting your company is making sure you have the digital security in place to handle any malware or other infections that could enter your network through mobile devices. Without this kind of security, your infrastructure could be at risk whenever someone logs into their email or visits an infected website. Although it isn’t often thought about when planning out cyber security policies, ransomware, hackers, and cyber criminals can absolutely gain access to your network via mobile channels. So what does that mean? Should you limit where your employees can access your network?

Not necessarily.

Giving your employees the ability to access email and other applications on their mobile devices enables them with the tools they need to work hard. It keeps them happy and productive and doing their jobs, and that’s important. In order to keep this from infecting your organization, it’s up to you to keep everything secure. Unfortunately the function of accessing critical information and logging into business emails on a mobile device is a relatively new one. Because it’s so uncharted, there aren’t a lot of great anti-malware applications and software for phones and tablets. There just hasn’t been a need. That also leaves holes where you become vulnerable. Even viewing cloud-based email on a phone or tablet opens the user (and by default, the entire network) to cyber threats like ransomware and other malware.

The best way to counter this is to prevent attacks- but not on the device level. Employing a complete security solution that covers your network regardless of access points is critical. With this type of solution, users can log in to emails and other critical applications on their computers, their phones, and their tablets without weakening your network.

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