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The top 5 security issues from the “Internet of Things”

The internet of things or the internet of insecure things is a rapidly growing monster that seems to have taken over the industry. The IoT is a Security professional’s worse nightmare. Consisting of quickly made technology that is web based, where security is just an afterthought. Below are the top five reasons any security professional should cringe in regards to the internet of things.

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How to Outsmart Hackers and Malware

It seems every time we turn around there’s a new story about a data breach or a new strain of malware to content with. It’s hard to keep track of them all- and it’s even harder to keep your organization safe from these threats that keep popping up. So how can you outsmart hackers and viruses? We have a couple things for you to consider in order to effectively strategize against the criminals who want to steal your data.

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Understanding ALL of Ransomware’s costs

It is not a rumor that Ransomware is making a popular comeback in the hacking industry. Having that pop up come across your screen saying that all your data is encrypted and to pay up if you want it back can be a haunting experience for any IT professional. But recent surveys show that most companies have far more expensive losses that come from ransomware than actually paying the ransom fee. Some companies even suggested it was easier to pay the fee and have the cybercriminal unlock their data.

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Security Breaches by Employees are on the Rise

Protecting company data from the hands of data snoopers out there on the internet is the agenda of all business owners. Most businesses, big or small, hold frequent meetings to address this issue, where employees of different levels are involved in a discussion about and review their data protection techniques and where they stand. A lot of focus has been put on this topic through news articles and blog posts on the internet due to many high profile data breaches taking place.

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Is BYOD Infecting Your Company?

Many organizations have implemented a Bring Your Own Device policy within their companies. With so many people using mobile devices to access email, company documents, websites, and business applications, it makes sense to allow users to leverage these devices to be more productive. But is this safe?

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Is Adobe Flash still a vulnerability?

Adobe Flash has been popular since it was first released 20 years ago. The freeware software was used for a multitude of purposes, including playing games or streaming audio or video files on the internet. This has been the case for almost two decades now, with flash player being used to execute rich internet applications and viewing multimedia on the Adobe Flash platform.

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Cyber Security: The War on Credit Unions

As Credit Unions of every size – national, regional, and community based – increase the collection of customers’ personal and financial information, they become serious targets of cyber crime. As such these unions are encouraged to understand that they are in a cyber security battle and must keep fighting the vice on all fronts.

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Next Gen firewall- overpromised and under delivered

The NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) was supposed to be a one stop shop solution for all your threat prevention needs. Little did everyone know that this technology hasn’t quite crossed the beneficially boundaries for most companies in the technology world. In order for a NGFW to work properly it needs to be an integrated part of your network security.

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10 Reasons Hackers Target Credit Unions

Credit unions are often forgotten in the conversations around protecting financial institutions and implementing financial cyber security. As early as 2006, it was found that credit unions are even more frequently targeted than banks. Hackers target credit unions for a simple reason: they are easier to hack. There are 10 reasons why:

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Cyber insurance; what does it cover?

As a security professional, you are taught what to do in case of a data breach. You know who to contact, steps to take to control the situation and ways to prevent it from happening again. But who is exactly going to cover all of these extra cost and what do these cost entail? CLIC (Cyber Liability Insurance Cover) is your answer to anything that is associated with cybercrime incidents. CLIC has been around for roughly 10 years as a sole insurance plan that companies can purchase. There are many costs involved with a data breach, and depending on the size of your company CLIC might be a valuable option for you to not only cover the upfront cost but to get back up and running in a timely bases.

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