Sandboxes; Beware of False Positives!

Sandboxing can be a valuable resource to any security team that puts the time and resources into it. If not, returning a bunch of false positives could just be a waste of your company’s resources. Below are some common steps that should be taken to ensure your sandbox is working properly for your company.

Identify all the applications in your business

Knowing your applications and what could be a possible vulnerability is great way to lure in the malicious threats. By implementing outdate code, programs and software that might coincide with your app, you are creating that easy attack vector hackers are looking for to infiltrate your systems. Really what you want to do here is set them up for failure. By not implementing security best practices on your sandbox applications, the attacker will feel like a kid in a candy store once they gain access to the sandbox.

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Email Scams and Awareness

Emails are the fastest means of communication! This is what we studied in our childhood. And how true! It indeed is. Today, no one can imagine living without an email ID. No work can be completed without the use of emails. Whether it be a job application, or inviting your friends to a party.

This culture of emails has opened up a lot of loopholes which can be exploited by the online scammers to gain monetary or other profits. Scammers these days have been employing new tools and methods to ruin common netizens’ experience of the web. Thus, in this article, we shall be enlisting some common email scams to make you aware of them and the methods to stay protected.

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What Should You be Teaching Your New Hires About Data Security?

Implementing a strategic plan for teaching new hires about data security is an important part of your company’s onboarding process. The weakest security link in any company are the people working there and you need to make sure those people know this. The best way to get this point across is presenting the following topics with a sense of urgency and fear. No one wants to be the person responsible for a data breach.

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The Future of Passwords and Biometrics

In today’s world filled with computers, smartphones, and other smart gadgets, passwords have played an important role. Passwords have played a key role in authenticating one’s identity online. But how long do you think this authentication measure will work? The power of the computers is increasing every day. Such computers, when used by hackers and scammers, can prove to them as an effective tool for cracking passwords and accessing our online databases.

Simple or even complex passwords are easily crack able thanks to the advances in the field of technology. There has been a growing demand for using biometrics in place of textual passwords. But are biometrics as safe and secure as its supporters claim it to be?

In this article, we shall be analyzing the future of passwords and the shift in the methods of authenticating your identity. We shall also be analyzing about the various option available to us in case passwords are proved to be ineffective in the near future. Keep reading:

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How IT Managers can Keep Support Calls Down

Getting a lot of support calls daily can be a time consumer and eventually turn into a money wasting giant. More times than not, you will end up answering the same questions over and over again. In the long run you will be paying someone to answer the same questions when in fact you could be paying that person to innovate to better the company.

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Top Five Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

Whether you’re a business or an average user, cyber security is always a matter of concern for you. Even big corporations and governmental agencies are not immune to such vulnerabilities. Cyber-crimes can have a far more devastating impact on any organization or person than a conventional attack since you’re not even aware of the location of the attacker or even the files and info that such attackers have gained access to.

The ramifications of such attacks are enormous, as the entire economy of a country may be put to risk if attackers target governmental agencies like banks or other financial institutions.

Thus, it is important to know about the vulnerabilities prevailing in cyber-world so that you could take preventive measure to avert such an attack. So, keep reading to find out five cyber-security vulnerabilities present in the contemporary online world.

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Implementing a Phishing game campaign in your company

One of the most important pieces of security you can have is a great training program. Your employees can be the strongest and the weakest link. To better protect your company’s assets you will need to teach your employees how to look out for and handle Phishing attacks. Now mostly these attacks can be easy to spot, but attackers are starting to get better and it is becoming harder to detect these attacks by the everyday person receiving them. Introducing the phishing game into your everyday training is a fun, interactive way to effectively teach email security.

The whole idea behind this game is to reward the people that report phishing attacks. You will be the one generating this attacks from a false email address or a spoofed phishing tool. Now you can also give rewards for any attacks that they find that are legit as well but that is up to you. You want to pick a set number of attacks you are going to dish out. Then divide the testing groups evenly into 4 groups. So if there are 200 people participating in your company, then there would be 50 people per group. Send out 1 or 2 email phishing attempts to the first group. Space out the attacks to different groups over a month period.

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Security Certifications: Which ones are worth having?

The ever-increasing number and frequency of cyber-attacks on corporations, big or small, all over the world, has generated a great demand for able and efficient information technology and security professionals. All corporate groups are constantly on the lookout for recruiting an experienced and skilled IT professional to help improve their security network and thwart all attacks with ease.

This is good for IT professionals and security experts, for they have many good opportunities. However, things are not so easy, for the growing demand for IT and security professionals has led to many people taking up that field, meaning a lot of competition is on the cards if you are an IT professional applying for a particular firm.

One thing, though, that can set you apart from the other applicants is having the right certifications in your resume. To help you find the important ones, separate the wheat from the chaff so to say, we have compiled a list of security certifications that can prove to be real game changers for you.

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