Today's news from Hilton is another attack on the Achilles heel of hospitality cyber defenses, the vulnerable point of sale devices. Sources say these attacks seem to stem from compromised point-of-sale devices inside of franchised restaurants, coffee bars and gift shops within Hilton properties.

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Healthcare Data Breaches – We Were Wrong

A few weeks ago, we released a whitepaper THE NEW HEALTHCARE CRISIS: CYBERCRIME, PATIENT RECORDS AND INFORMATION SECURITY, noting that more than 40% of Americans have had their healthcare records breached in 2015. Our analysis was based on breaches filed with the Department of Health and Human Services.

Well, we were wrong. Now almost 50% – 47% to be exact – of Americans’ patient records have been breached.

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Cybercriminals and payment card data are like dogs and bacon, they just can’t get enough. And with Point of Sale (POS) devices now handling most of the payment card transactions around the world for retailers, restaurants, hotels and grocers, these systems are in the cross-hairs. Compromised POS’s were the source of major data breaches at Target, Neiman Marcus, Subway and many others, and there are no signs the security risks are slowing down.

Taking the following five steps can mitigate your risk of a compromised POS, while still enabling the powerful business benefits of these systems.

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