How IT Managers can Keep Support Calls Down

Getting a lot of support calls daily can be a time consumer and eventually turn into a money wasting giant. More times than not, you will end up answering the same questions over and over again. In the long run you will be paying someone to answer the same questions when in fact you could be paying that person to innovate to better the company.

Making policies and walkthroughs available

How many times have you received a call with someone asking how to install Microsoft word on their machine? To avoid these unnecessary calls, create several walkthroughs on all the common questions that come through the support line. In this walkthrough, make sure to include screenshots of every step of the process. Then if the problem is not fixed, the employee can call the support line. This ensures that the calls your team is getting are legit issues that are not common issues like “how do I connect to a printer?”.

Put Phishing monitoring tools in place.

This process is more granular and will take time to build up a library of signatures for the tool to filter from. Once in place, you will eliminate a lot of the unnecessary calls that involve spam, malware, competition emails and phishing attempts. In your yearly security training, be sure to implement the proper way to handle a phishing email. Which is to not open it and forward it to your designated support distribution list. It usually takes a security analyst less than five minutes to determine if an email is malicious. Having these type of request going to a separate queue will allow one employee to easily complete these and reach back out to the recipients in a timely fashion.

Preach email first

Set up an email distribution with a ticketing system attached to it. Employees can send their requests to this instead of calling. Once they send a request the ticketing system, it will send back a reference number to inform the requester that they have been heard and the problem is being addressed. Now this is still a time consuming process, but it is more manageable then tying up all your extra hands on the phone. Grabbing a request from the queue and reach out to the requester by ether email or phone is a breeze, notifying the employee about the details of their finished request.

A short fix to freeing up IT security time and answering support calls too is to designate one person per day to deal with support calls until you can get one of the above solutions in place. This way the issues are getting handled and you are only tying up one employee’s time, once a week. All in all, support emails are very time consuming and kill IT security productivity. They can also be a big waste of company money if you have qualified analyst’s fixing simple support tasks over and over instead of crunching big data numbers to better strengthen your network. In this case, time is money.


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