10 Security Blogs You Should be Reading

As a security professional, it is your duty to stay constant and up to date with the current news in the industry. Each one of the following blogs/sites offer their own twist with their writers and material. Making a constant effort to visit these sites on a daily or weekly bases will broaden your awareness into the security world.

Threat Post- This site gives daily updates on new threats in the industry. Some of the categories it covers include mobile android and apple devices, malware and foreign attacks. It covers a lot more in general but this seems to be the trend of how the blog post go.

Threat Level- This site seems to cover a broad scope of topics including design, science, and culture and even the business aspect. This site gives relevant information from all angles of the equation.

Krebs on Security- This site can be very opinionated sometimes, but his opinions are usually pretty accurate. This blog is run by one man and it tends to really dive deep into discussion around specific topics, both from a security aspect and business.

InfoSecIsland- Covering a wide range of topics in all aspects of Information security. Giving not only useful day to day news, but also it attests to various practices and common problems that business security professionals struggle with every day. Great resource for starting out with investigating how something is done in the industry.

CNET- Offers a very simple, broken down format of article style for the everyday user to read and comprehend. They make it simple for ether someone just starting out in the security field or someone who doesn’t even deal with technology understand the basics of recent security news.

Govinfosecurity- This is a great resource for anything info sec related dealing directly with the government. This site also have a job listing page as well for Government positions open in this field.

Securityweek- This is one of the most popular of them all. It has a great list of writers that each specialize in their field within InfoSec. This site covers malware, cybercrime, mobile, risk & compliance, architecture and management. It has a little bit of everything with actual professionals working in these fields writing the posts.

Security-science- Deals with a lot of information from whitepapers. This is good if you need credited valuable information. It also has some valuable tools and resources connected right to the site like a hackopedia, base64 encoder/decoder and an anonymizer.

Dark Reading- This site by far is the most diverse and covers the most as far as topics and news events. This is a great one stop shop for everything security related. They have a hot topics sections which points out occurring events and also an attacks/breaches section as well.

Iron geek- Now this one isn’t really a blog, but more of a resource. This site post most (if not all) of the security conference videos from around the country. It is great if you can only get to one conference a year, now you can stream all the conferences for free.


Whether you decide to you one of these or all of them, finding a reputable site to visit daily is a great habit to get into in order to stay up to date with news and events around the information security world.


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