What's Wrong with "Best of Breed" Approach for Security?

Hard to believe, but there is lots wrong with using best of breed security solutions, especially if you are a small business.

It's true that many organizations employ individual security solutions to monitor and control each threat vector individually. This is an approach known as the “Best of Breed” approach. The idea is to get the best product for each security task and employ them for that task. This has become a tried and true approach for well-funded firms that have trained personnel to administer these products.

However, each product requires time and training to set up, maintain, and operate, plus additional time for any integration and coordination between the products. Few small businesses can successfully and cost-effectively execute this approach, as they lack the training and frankly, the bandwidth to effectively use the power of these solutions.

For example, once a policy is changed on a web filter, it may need to be replicated on the email and endpoint filters. Or, when an employee leaves, his security credentials will need to be changed on multiple products. In addition, each product needs to be kept up-to-date with the latest malware and software patches. Despite the best intentions of IT personnel, critical updates can slip through the cracks, and savvy hackers will exploit the gaps.

Best of breed solutions may be well-featured, but they do not work as a system to fight malware infections and guard against cyber criminals. What is called for is an integrated approach. All parts of the system working together. If you are looking for such a product, consider iSheriff Complete. Click here to learn more about this innovative new product!


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