Security Predictions 2016: The trend towards cloud-based security services will enable a shift towards true integration

As we start each year, the team at iSheriff looks into the crystal ball and makes predictions for the year. Sometimes we're right and sometimes we're wrong, but we find it useful to look to the future and document what we see.

The 5th in our series focuses on the tools:

The trend towards cloud-based security services will enable a shift towards true integration. This shift will be of fundamental importance in delivering complete visibility across the organization’s security position – something that simply isn’t possible with today’s fragmentary approach.

The CISO will continue to demand best of breed solutions for the organization, and a move towards open APIs and integration frameworks will enable this to be achieved without today’s critical visibility compromises. Traditional security approaches are no longer sufficient; infrastructure complexity, the dissolution of the network perimeter, the mobile workforce, and interconnected supply chains create enormous new challenges. Businesses of all sizes need a solution to match their particular problems and goals. Integration, automation and flexibility are imperative as IT teams strive to maximize efficiency and effectiveness with limited resources in the face of rapidly shifting threats.


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