Security Predictions 2016: Companies of all sizes and types will have to deal with breaches and lost data issues

As we start each year, the team at iSheriff looks into the crystal ball and makes predictions for the year. Sometimes we're right and sometimes we're wrong, but we find it useful to look to the future and document what we see.

Today we present the third in our 2016 Predictions series:

Breaches at major, global organizations will continue to make headlines, but cyber criminals are ingenious when it comes to finding the path of least resistance in pursuit of low-hanging fruit. As enterprise security programs improve, many bad actors will look for fresh opportunities to ambush unsuspecting targets with their cunning schemes. While many hackers and cyber criminals focus on name-brand networks, many others hone their craft and try new approaches with smaller business. No business can afford let its guard down!

Small businesses that assume they can’t possibly be on anyone’s radar should remember that many attacks are automated; if you (or any of your vendors or employees) have left a virtual door open, the hackers’ bots will find it and exploit it. Small-to-midsize businesses are particularly vulnerable—for many, the financial and reputational costs incurred in the aftermath of a breach would be enough to wipe them out permanently. Kaspersky Labs estimates that on average, each cyber attack on an SMB costs $38,000.


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